Sep 12, 2022

Entry .001

Entry .001

This new site comes with a new lease on the studio, or maybe that's the other way around. Olivia and I have gone through almost two years (in October) of working together for each other and for a slowly growing list of clients. It’s an extreme gift even to have the opportunity to do both of those things; however, more often, the challenges seem to be the easiest part to focus on. 

The rate at which we learn new things is rapid and, at the same time, doesn't really feel like learning. It’s not till long after or facing a similar problem that we start to understand our progress. For example, here we are two years later, on the other side of many projects and we are just now getting to share some of that work on the internet.  As we grow, hopefully, the distance between experiencing and processing shrinks. So, the next journal entry should take less than a year…


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